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Sabrina was great!! Best threading I've found near Wrigley.



A.G. via Yelp

The idea of wax ripping hair follicles out from the roots freaked me out but I was going to Miami and I wanted a smooth back. I'm not going to say it tickled, but wow was my preconception based on the "30 year old virgin" movie completely wrong. I don't remember the girls name who did my waxing but she made me feel at ease from beginning to end.


Side note: Bring your phone charged and ready to Shazam the music in the shop. Cool stuff I hadn't heard in ages.



Y.A. via Yelp

I walked in the door, and I automatically liked the atmosphere - clean, but without that clinically sterile feeling. No one wants to walk into a waxing feeling like they're heading for the operating table. My aesthetician was Marcella. She was friendly, attentive, and, as we were going on through what was supposed to be a Brazilian wax, very kindly offered to do a French bikini instead. It's been years since I waxed, so taking a step that drastic just wasn't the best of ideas for me. It was a neat and thorough job delivered by a real pro. I will definitely be back!



M.F. via Yelp

How have I not reviewed this place yet?!

This is my default, uh, waxing room? I really love it here. The atmosphere is relaxing but not stuffy. It's easy to find, especially off of the red line or bus system.

Every waxer here is a true pro and super nice, too. I've had Sabrina as my esthetician most often, and she's kind, patient, and hilarious. The hard wax is a nice upgrade re: pain reduction, and everyone here is helpful and able to talk specifics about what you want done (e.g. eyebrow shapes - never as simple as some might think!).

Prices are decent for the area and gratuity is cash only, which might cause me to deduct a star in an alternate universe...but I can't do that at such a good place!



K.B. via Yelp

I had my first appointment at the waxing room yesterday for my favorite and most dreaded service, a brazilian. I had never been there before and I am happy to say I have found my new waxing salon.

The salon is nice and appears to be very clean. It's updated and comfortable.

I had my wax with Marcella. She was friendly and quick. She used a combo of hard and soft wax. She also used a ice pack to firm the hard wax quickly. I really appreciated this because I swear the time waiting for the wax to be pulled off is worse than the actual pain. Marcella was extremely thorough which is huge for me. I would rather deal with the pain and time than go home and discover a patch of hair.

I left smooth and happy. I would recommend this salon and Marcella to anyone.



M.S. via Yelp

Yana knows whats up.

Great conversationalist. I often get mad social anxiety, and she's great. She educated me on exfoliation, what time of my cycle is best to come in etc... And i haven't had my eyebrows looking this great since i was probably 15.

Great prices, service, and easy to make appointments.



K.W. via Yelp

Taylor and the owner (can't recall her name - she only did my eyebrows once - but probably the best they have ever looked) are both very talented. I'm a really nice guy but I'm an annoying client which is embarrassing to admit - alas, true. I am super picky and very detailed when it comes to things like my eyebrows when I get them done. When I lived in New York I got them done by a famous woman on Fifth Avenue and she sucks compared to the two women I mentioned from The Waxing Room. As long as I am in Chicago I will be returning here. I am so used to stuffy Fifth Avenue that I judged Taylor and I seriously wanted to hug her when I saw how great of a job she did. Both women are also very easy to gab with and have a relaxing tone and fun sense of humor. Since I'm a guy they both kept showing me how much they were about to take off. In general a totally professional experience and I look great every time.

Highly recommended!



P.S. via Yelp

My first time ever getting a Brazilian. I was recommended to go to The Waxing Room. The moment I walked in I knew my experience would be awesome. I was greeted immediately and provided them with my information. Soon after, Sabrina took me to the room and talked me through the event. It was painful but bearable. She gave me in-depth information and suggested a product for after care treatment. I felt fine afterwards and will definitely come back in the future!



T.M. via Yelp

I just relocated to Chicago from San Diego and was not looking forward to establishing a new salon. I was in and out quickly and everyone was friendly.

I've only had one appointment here so far, but I will definitely be going back!

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